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You've heard them before. The: "I vow to _____ this year."

Whether the goal is to eat healthier, improve finances or  connect more with  loved ones, many list out resolutions at the start of each year.  Especially after a year like 2020, there is desire to reboot and set 2021 up for success.

We at Collabware are no exception. We've got some major goals that we'd like to execute on in 2021. Here are 7 of our resolutions for this coming year...

1. Innovate + Educate on the Value of Data Accessibility, Privacy and Insights

In 2020, much of the previously office-bound workforce learned the importance of being able to properly access business critical data. We already spoke about how to ensure business continuity and proper security when accessing your information remotely.

In 2021... this topic is just as relevant. Organizations need measures in place to ensure that only those with proper permissions can access their business-critical content. This will likely require improved processes and implementing solutions that are right for your company.

We've got upcoming webinars and articles about improving your data accessibility and management. Our team is working harder than ever to innovate and improve our on-premise and cloud solutions for this very purpose. We want to empower your team to enter any challenging seasons prepared, and improve productivity and gather business-enhancing insights from your data.

2. Compliant RM: Keeping You Posted on Requirements and Helping You Achieve Them.

Just as critical as accessing and protecting your data? Remaining compliant. Regulations are still applicable despite the season: retention policies and holds must be adhered to, and disposition approvals still need to happen.  For government agencies, digitization deadlines with the 2021 mandate are  still in place.

We build our solutions with automated, end-to-end records management solutions with compliance in mind so during the rocky seasons, your organization can rest assured  that the features such as automated lifecycle workflows are working in the background. This year, we'll continue improving both our Collabware CLM and Collabspace RM features, and we'll publish articles on how to overcome common pain points from the perspective of Collabware's resident records manager!

3. Microsoft 365 IG Features? Go-to Physical Records solutions? We'll Dissect What's Available so You Can Find What's Best for Your Team

Last year brought new and exciting additions to the world of information governance. As one example, we covered the release of SharePoint Syntex: Microsoft's  first product from Project Cortex meant to apply AI/machine learning to data governance.  

What are the updates? What features are really being offered for records management? Is standalone enough? We covered these topics in our blogs and webinars, and plan to continue providing free overviews on this topic since many organizations lean on Microsoft 365.

4. Stressing the Value of AI

We've provided a simple explanation of what Artificial Intelligence IS and why its important for records management. We talked about the emerging AI economy   and how your organization can implement AI to benefit.

This year: we'll be singing from the rooftops the immense value of intelligent data, and show how AI-related capabilities can create this to transform the way your organization work. Content is brewing... look out for the future release!

5. Continue Supporting and Celebrating our Customers

We've said it before and will continue to say it: customer success is our success. Last year was challenging, but it was so rewarding to assist both old and new customers with their pain points. We had the privilege of telling a couple of their stories: how Cobb EMC reduced their FOI process time from weeks down to MINUTES. How  the First Nations Summit solved their excess data storage problem and ensured compliance.

The entire Collabware team- from Services and Customer Success to Development and Sales, will be working diligently to best support our customers through 2021 as well. And we hope to share more of their victory stories with you! 

6. Increasing Accessibility to our Solutions

Collabmail already has a simple, no-fuss implementation to get teams organizing their inboxes and seamlessly retaining their emails faster than ever.

As we described our vision of bringing data accessibility, security and AI benefits to more people: we are streamlining implementation of our cloud-based solution, Collabspace. Take out the hassle and get to the accelerated content discovery, ensured compliance and automated RM benefits faster with our newly launched Collabspace Self-Service Program! ... Yes, we're empowering your team with the tools to implement this solution yourself. Or, our Services Team is always on standby and happy to help you as usual.

7. Getting to Know US (the team behind the solution!)

We love where we work, and the work that we do. And you've gotten snippets of our culture from our accomplishments and by viewing the shenanigans on our Instagram page (which you should follow, by the way!)

But this year, we want to shed more light on who Collabware is: our vision and why we do what we do! Stay tuned for upcoming content where we'll provide some backstory.

... and more, but it's a secret for now! You'll just have to subscribe to stay tuned. For now, you can check out  our Collabware blog and our various social pages (all @collabware) to see what we're up to.

Cheers to an exciting new year ahead, we wish everyone a healthy and successful 2021! Say hi or reach out with any questions or suggestions below:



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