Work From Home in a Pandemic: Let's Address 4 Data Access Pain Points


COVID-19 has caused global shifts, and organizations across the world have been required to make positions remote in response to this pandemic time. Millions of individuals have found themselves in their living room instead of their conference rooms as jobs temporarily become socially distant (let's flatten that curve!).

As we've collectively separated at this time, we've spent these past few weeks trying to adapt: downloading Zoom or Teams to stay connected, browsing articles providing tips on working from home, stocking our personal fridges with healthy food but choosing to snack on cookies from the pantry instead (or is that just me?).

Snack preferences aside, we're all working to best adjust and support business continuity during this temporary period. One major factor necessary for this remote work? Access to our business critical content.

IGWorld Magazine pointed to data as a huge asset for bringing executives some organizational visibility in this volatile market. However, data access is also critical for each remote working individual so all can continue their day-to-day tasks in these new settings. We're calling out four data-related pain points that individuals across organizations have likely been encountering, and how our cloud-based solution Collabspace can address these .

Four Remote Work Data Pain Points

1. Firewall Barriers

When working from devices at home, it may be more difficult to access organizational data, especially when content may be behind firewalls that require VPN access. Every time this situation occurs, a back and forth online exchange with IT would be necessary  to grant necessary permissions.

2. Timely Searching  Across Repositories

Maybe it was not so bad looking for your content across systems on your office desktop (preferably, you'd supercharge your e-Discovery there as well!). But on your laptop,  minus your go-to material bookmarked and  plus a pet that might need walking or kids that are whining about lunch, there's less time and patience for lengthy content search through your inbox, SharePoint, etc. before realizing you had it saved locally on your office computer (another barrier).

3. So Many Content Types

The amount of unstructured data that we are working with today, everything from scanned pdfs to screenshots to audio, further add to search and access complexity. Perhaps the necessary image you need for your project is attached to an email in your Outlook inbox, but how will you surface that efficiently?

4. Office 365 Cybersecurity Issues

Not only are we wanting to ensure that the content is discoverable and accessible, but with all this information being accessed on personal and remote devices, ensuring that it's secure and properly backed up is critical to mitigate any risks or vulnerabilities.


Even from your home office, you're wanting to speed up both search and accessibility of your content so you can get your tasks done, and ideally log out at a reasonable evening hour to spend time with your live-in loved ones. We'd like to support that. Here's how our solution, Collabspace, can allow you to address the prior-mentioned data challenges.

Addressing these Pain Points with Collabspace

1. Hop That Firewall!

Get access to all of your business critical content, even the information behind firewalls. As a data lake solution, Collabspace content connectors stream and back up data from multiple sources, such as O365 and your office FileShares. Logging into Collabspace from home allows you to connect and access your content that may have been behind firewalls with in other repositories.

With our new Professional licensing level, our team can set this up for you  within a few hours (remotely, of course!). No more need to ping and wait on IT for VPN access.

2. Unified Discovery across Platforms

With connectors to SharePoint, FileShare, OneDrive, and more, Collabspace eliminates the need for you to look from that email thread, through the Microsoft Teams chats, etc. for that contract. It's all searchable from one place. You can  use that ten minutes saved on search to finish up your task,  and maybe grab an extra  cookie (we won't tell).

3. OCR and Advanced Search Capabilities

Did we mention the automatic Optical Character Recognition and transcription capabilities that Collabspace has? No? These will give you access to search beyond your typical text-based documents, and allow you to search  images, scanned pdfs, audio/video, and more unstructured data rapidly.

4. Secure Backup and Recoverability

With WORM-compliant, ransomeware-proof storage, you can feel solid that your information is securely backed up with multi-level encryption.

Collabspace from Home

We've even recently launched a "pay-as-you-go" licensing model for Collabspace, where no contract is needed. During the global scenario, this will give those who want to take advantage our of services the ability to acquire this solution and its benefits, with our team remotely getting you started in just a few hours!

Questions about Collabspace? Contact us to get started, or download our free Collabspace brochure below:


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