Collabware Culture: 2019 Core Value Awards


The priority at Collabware isn't just about building solutions that boost productivity and ensure compliance (although we do that pretty well, too!). We recognize that the team members behind it all- the ones building the software, engaging our customers, learning market pain points- are equally important. As we had in 2018, this past December we voted for the individuals whose efforts most aligned with our company Core Values.

The votes are in for 2019! And the Core Value awards go to... (drumroll, please)

Think Big!: Brian  Rayburn


This value is for those who are bold and unafraid to explore new ideas, and Brian definitely hits that mark! Our VP of Sales is always ready to offer a fresh perspective, strategize a different approach, and bring forward the unconventional.  Be it finding new opportunities or encouraging his team members with good advice and uplifting dad jokes, Brian has really Thought Big!  this year.

Make it Happen: Hyuk Kwon

A53I5025This one is for the members who are the first to push forward and the last to give up. No matter what the obstacle, they take the necessary actions to reach a solution. Hyuk, one of our Software Engineers, has exemplified this throughout the year with his dedication, optimism, and efforts that have directly resulted in many of our recent solution developments.

Embrace and Drive Change: Oday Brahem


Adaptable, kind, and considerate, Oday has both embraced and driven change. A QA Engineer, he has not only conducted quality assurance testing to confirm  that solution upgrades for our customers and prospects are the very best, but also aided the team with  solution demonstrations and sharing the Collabware message and brand positively to the market.

Passion for Customer Success: Glenn James


Both team members and customers have spoken and our VP in Services, Glenn, is a fan favourite! With his  perseverance in putting the customer first and ensuring that they  find success and satisfaction with their implementation, can you blame us? Plus, his humor is top notch! If you   need any assistance, be it content migration through to a general Records Management assessment, you'll want to call Glenn and his team.

Grow Together:  Anastasia Hunter


The Grow Together value celebrates those who work for the betterment of all team members.  Anastasia, our SVP of Operations, has more than exemplified this over 2019. With everything from organizational planning to achieving SOC 2 compliance, Anastasia has worked tirelessly towards a work environment where each individual feels valued, supported, and equipped with the tools they need. 

One More Shoutout...

A big congratulations to our wonderful 2019 Core Value awards recipients, and also, a shout out to the entire Collabware dream team for their efforts. We have built and grown a lot together over this past year. Here's to  all the challenges, celebrations (CollabCON 2020, anyone?) and development that  2020 will bring!

To see more Collabware culture, check and follow our  Instagram page (all the cool kids are doing it). Want to join the Collabware team? Find your fit on our  Career Opportunities  page. And if you have any other questions, please contact us:


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