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The largest legal technology event of the year, LegalTech provides a look at some of the most innovative products available on the market. We at Collabware were excited to be second-time exhibitors and chat about information governance, auto-classification, AI, and all things information and records management-related. What were some trending RM/IG topics and highlights from LegalTech 2019?

During this year's event, ARMA International hosted an Innovative Information Governance track featuring three educative sessions covering data privacy policies, messaging data management, and cloud data providers’ capabilities. They recently released a LegalTech 2019 Rewind video covering the highlights from this track. Read on for an overview and insights from these sessions (we've included timestamps), or watch the full length video embedded below!


Chatting about auto-categorization and presenting Collabware RM solutions demonstrations at LegalTech 2019

Session Topic Overview and Insights

[3:33] Session 1: The Future Is Now, Managing Messaging Data (Anthony Diana)

Overview: Anthony covered the topic of messaging data management during his session. This included why is it important, risks associated with poor management of email, and challenges that proper messaging data management can present to organizations. He followed up by speaking on the difference between 'perfect preservation' and 'proportionate preservation' of messaging documents, and tips on how to clean up your data before a content migration.

Insights: If this talk could have one main take away, it would be that effective management of messaging data is critical. Due to heavy volumes of this type of data,  replacing 'perfect preservation' of all messaging data with 'proportionate preservation' that includes only useful, critical information is smarter for organizations long term. Beyond that, understanding that messaging content management requires "balancing legal, regulatory, and compliance risks against the value of data, operational risks and costs of ongoing management." And lastly, in relation to content migration, to properly sort and manage messaging data that will be migrated, it is necessary for top execs to come together, consider the risk and challenges, and ask each other what the vision and necessities are for their company.

[16:00] Session 2: Information Governance In the Cloud: Compare and Contrast (Jeffrey Beard and Michael Haley)

Overview: For their session, Jeffrey and Michael assessed the governance capabilities (including immutability, retention, preservation, and deletion) of different cloud solutions and cloud collaboration platforms. These included Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Storage, and IBM Cloud for providers [20:52]. For cloud collaboration, the platforms reviewed were Office 365, Box, and G-Suite [29:30].

Insights: The most important thing that any organization considering cloud-based platforms needs to do is review and understand their own needs in order to find best fit. By knowing your needs, strategy, and approach, you'll know what to select to preserve data appropriately.

A helpful chart was also provided during this session explaining 'in the purple' for cloud providers and what this means [19:44]. Essentially, this pyramid showcases the value of data worth migrating in the organization, often times with only 20% of data being information of value. One could tie this to the first session in understanding that not all data is equal and worth migrating/preserving- it is critical for your team to review and know which of your data is 'in the purple.'

Pyramid LegalTech 2019

Source: 'ARMA's LegalTech 2019 Rewind' ARMA International YouTube channel.

[32:08] Session 3: The 2018 CA Consumer Privacy Act: The Big Tail Wagging the U.S. (John Isaza and Jeffrey Beard)

Overview: This session  provided an overview of the California Consumer Privacy Act. Implemented in 2018, this policy is the first attempt at a comprehensive Consumer Privacy Law in the U.S., and applies to for-profit entities that both collect and process the personal information (PI) of California residents, and/or do business in the State of California. John and Jeffrey gave summation of the policy before delving into some strategies to ensure compliance with the Act, necessary changes to make to your Privacy, RIM, and IG programs, and some of their thoughts on the future of these types of policies in the U.S.

As a bonus they included the following chart for Leveraging GDRP preparedness  for CCPA, showcasing the differences and commonalities between the two policies [43:15].

GDPR and CCPA LegalTech chart

Source: 'ARMA's LegalTech 2019 Rewind' ARMA International YouTube channel.

Insights: Taking steps to really understand the regulations in this policy, creating/updating your various programs accordingly, and incorporating the requirements into all applicable organization and business policies, processes, and systems is key. To ensure compliance, some important strategies to implement include determining what your organization's exact regulatory and legal environments are; risk and risk appetite, assessing current privacy policy, including out-in links for marketing and opt-out links on websites and online services.

And overall, when working to understand and take steps towards CCPA compliance, it is important to remember information governance and privacy is a team sport. You’re not going to be able to solve it in your own silo alone; you need to reach across legal, privacy, compliance, IT, Records, and the business units as well.

Those are our gathered insights from the Rewind, click here to watch the full length video below:

Source: 'ARMA's LegalTech 2019 Rewind' ARMA International YouTube channel.

Did you attend LegalTech? What were some of your favorite sessions and insights on RM strategies and technologies for Legal? Let us know in the comments below!

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