New DOD  Data Strategy: 7 Goals and How to Achieve Them


The Department of Defense (DOD) recently released a new Data Strategy to better manage data as a strategic resource. According to the DOD, the objective of this strategy is to "accelerat[e] the Department’s transition to a data-centric organization that uses data at speed and scale for operational advantage and increased efficiency."

The DOD listed the following as their guiding principles for this new strategy:

8 Guiding Principles 

  1. Data is a Strategic Asset
  2. Collective Data Stewardship
  3. Data Ethics
  4. Data Collection
  5. Enterprise-Wide Data Access and Availability
  6. Data for Artificial Intelligence Training
  7. Data Fit for Purpose
  8. Design for Compliance

Achieving this data-centric strategy means addressing the following seven goals. Using the proper system for that ensures compliance and security is critical to this venture, so we are also listing resources that show how cloud-based solution Collabspace can assist in this effort.

7 Goals of New DOD Data Strategy:

  1. Make Data Visible 

    To follow this strategy, users must first and foremost be able to locate the needed data. Using advanced search capabilities of Collabspace  makes searching for records across platforms fast and simple from one place. See how to streamline search during  processes like FOIA  in our free webinar.
  2. Make Data Accessible

    User have to be able to retrieve the data. Streaming  all your content into a data lake repository like Collabspace ensures everything is properly managed and accessible from one place.
  3. Make Data Understandable

    It's important for users to recognize the content, context, and applicability. Having proper support from the Services Team
  4. Make Data Linked

    Users can exploit data elements through innate relationships.
  5. Make Data Trustworthy

    Users should be confident in all aspects of data for decision-making.
  6. Make Data Interoperable

    User should have a common representation/ comprehension of data.
  7. Make Data Secure

    Ensuring data is properly protected from unauthorized use/manipulation is critical. Having WORM-compliant storage ensures content cannot be tampered with (read about our other security measures).

Curious to learn more about how Collabspace can help agencies meet the new Data Strategy? Access our free government information package  below or contact us with your questions.


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