Collabware CLM 4.0 Features: IQ Updates


Easy searchability is key to productivity. By allowing end users to quickly and easily find content based on unique metadata, the Collabware CLM Information Query provides more searchability options for end users than what is available on SharePoint alone.

With the addition of searchable Workflow properties in version 4, Records Managers now get insight into where a record is in its lifecycle. This opens new possibilities, such as the ability to organize content by destruction versus permanent or transfer dispositions, or to view the current place within a records lifecycle an item is in at a high level, as opposed to item-by-item.

IQ Updates pic 1The new properties include:

  • Workflow Title - name of the Workflow applied
  • Workflow Current Action - current action that the item is in
  • Workflow Status - current status, including "Started, Completed, Error"
  • Workflow Next Event - if there is an Event Trigger that can be executed on this item to move it forward to its next Lifecycle Stage, this will be displayed
  • Workflow Next Action - action that comes immediately after the current one; these will be listed in order corresponding to the order of the Workflow Next Event
  • Workflow Completion Date - Collabware CLM will attempt to determine a potential completion date for the Workflow; this normally relies on a firm retention date being known to the system
  • Workflow Outcome - normally represents the Disposition of the item, although this is not always the case

IQ Updates pic 2

These v 4.0 updates to the Information Query will further simplify and streamline the searchability process by giving end users insight into the current lifecycle status of an item.  It will also be a critical tool to provide  records managers  with insight into the records they are responsible for.

To learn more about Collabware CLM 4.0, read our product overview post, check out our previous post on the File Plan Export and Classified Search feature, and stay tuned for more feature-specific posts that are released every Wednesday!

To find out more about Collabware CLM in general, get in touch, download our product brochure, or sign up for a free demo here.

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