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The Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) is a multi-sector regulator that regulates the provision of services in the telecommunications, electricity, water and sewerage sectors across Jamaica.

To meet their objective of  operating in an independent and transparent manner, the OUR requires streamlined records management, timely access to critical content and compliance with local regulations.

This article outlines their success story, including...

To learn the full story of their challenges, implementation process and victories, you can access the OUR's  success story below.


Using their previous tools and approaches, the OUR team experienced the following challenges and limitations:

1. Mainly Manual Records Management Processes

For the most part, OUR operated manually. While they implemented SharePoint 2013, they were left desiring a more streamlined and automated approach for managing their records retention periods.

2. Searched for EDRMS for Electronic, Physical and Email Records

With so many sectors to regulate, OUR works with various content types and desired a system within which they could manage their physical records, along with electronic and email content.

3. Needed RM Compliance and Legislative Requirements Met

Given the varying information management obligations of the OUR as a regulator and public body, as prescribed by local laws and regulations, they required a system that could be tailored to ensure continued compliance. 

Breaking Point

While SharePoint covered some of their needs, OUR was at a point where they needed to manage their records, regardless of the format, in a systemic manner to improve efficiency across operations. Given their necessity to ensure compliance measures be met and their desire for a more streamlined and information-accessible records management program, the OUR Records team set out to find an EDRMS that integrated with SharePoint and provided automated RM features.

They selected two tools by Collabware: Collabware CLM, an on-premise software that integrates with SharePoint for complete end-to-end records management, and Collabmail, an Outlook add-on that connects Outlook and SharePoint for quick, drag-n-drop email management.

Working with the Collabware Services Team, the OUR experienced the following victories:


1. Automated End-to-End Records Lifecycle

Collabware CLM provided OUR with end-to-end content lifecycle automation, including features such as automated lifecycle workflows, file plan and case management, content classification and declaration, discovery, audit tracking, reporting and more.

2. Retention and Management for Electronic, Physical and Email Records

Collabware CLM extended SharePoint to allow OUR to manage their electronic, email and physical records from one place. In addition, using Collabmail simplified email management for end users.

3. RM Compliance and Legislative Requirements Now Met:

With Collabware CLM, the OUR Records team achieved peace of mind knowing that their local legislative standards are being met and reducing organizational risk.

Now equipped with complete records management by adding Collabware CLM to SharePoint for several of its business units, the OUR team is  to implement it organization-wide for a streamlined and automated Records Management program, along with improved content access and employee efficiency.

Our customers' success is our success! Check out the full story of OUR's prior challenges, breaking point, search and implementation process, and victories here:

OUR Jamaica Case Study


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