Apply RM Policies to Documents in File Shares with Collabspace


Search across all content, apply automated categorization and export for efficient FOI and GDPR processing.

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Collabware is thrilled to announce the latest addition to our roster of content connectors for Collabspace: Microsoft File Shares. Any content stored in network drives and file share folders can now be managed in-place while having it automatically categorized, records policies applied  and ready for indexing.

Multiple Connectors, One Repository

Along with content in SharePoint, One Drive, Exchange, and SAP, Records Managers can now connect to any active Active Directory secured File Shares to declare content as records, apply relevant policies, update metadata, set reviews, audits and disposition dates. 

“We understand that companies may choose to hold content in different locations and repositories for a variety of reasons. Our strategy to continue the build and development of more content connectors speaks to the vast flexibility and unlimited capacity for Collabspace to grow and adapt to our customer’s needs,” says Collabware CEO, Graham Sibley. “These connectors allow for a seamless and consistent process for our users.”

File Shares turn into Records Faster with Automation

Productivity, time and cost savings are quickly achieved with automation including:

Automatic OCR (Optical Character Recognition): Text from images and PDFs are identified as legible text and made searchable
Automatic Media Transcription: video and audio files are automatically transcribed to allow for content indexing and searchability
Auto-Categorize: content is automatically categorized to match the organizations records management standards.

Find and Manage Files Shares for FOI & GPDR Requests

For those administering Freedom of Information (FOI) & General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requests, documents can be found with deep search and advanced filtering capabilities across File Shares and any connected content sites. Discovery is streamlined with a holistic approach where search results from all repositories are shown in one easy-to-read view and relevant documents can be selected for export. 

About Collabspace: Records Management in Office365
Collabspace is Collabware’s solution for managing records in the cloud. Hosted on trusted and secure Microsoft Azure, we add the information governance features to Office365 that ensure compliance, provide automated content lifecycle workflows, offer advanced search across platforms and allow management of content over multiple repositories. Collabspace helps you export content efficiently and is the only backup option for Office365.  For more information on this solution, download our free brochure:


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If you need help getting your file share documents in order or are looking for advice on the best way to tackle this issue, please get in touch with us for a free consultation! 



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