Collabware CLM 4.0 Features: Vital Records Review


Whether it's a flood, information leak, or a high-level executive leaving the organization, there are a lot of cases one could consider a 'disaster'. During instances like these, information known as vital records will play a key role in how your organization operates and recovers. It is crucial to prepare for unexpected situations by asking: "Will this content help us?"

When preparing a Disaster Recovery Plan, the task of ensuring priority documents are marked vital is a big part of the ground work. In other words, vital records reviews are necessary to ensure that the records needed for disaster are reviewed and up to date.

For example, in the case of an organization's HR department, lists of emergency contacts would VRR (20be considered pieces of vital documentation. The individuals placed in charge of reviewing these lists would make sure all are accurate and relevant to be marked as vital. These reviews can be done through SharePoint, however, the process of navigating between sites or even finding vital documents with the search bar can be difficult. Once found, there is still the question of how to mark that these records have undergone review.

This is where Vital Records Review in Collabware CLM 4.0 shines! This feature is an aid to anyone needing to review content that's already been marked as vital. It automates the once tedious process by allowing users to specify recurring schedules that notify them about necessary review periods.

VRR (1)These periodic reviews are further simplified with the Review List. All documents  currently marked as vital (which can be done in Workflow Actions of CLM 3.0) are listed and can be checked off after review. This list is great because it holds the vital records in one easily searchable space and can also be referred to at any point afterwards. Furthermore, all completed vital documents get a stamp with the "as of" date so future users will know the last time  they  reviewed Emergency Contacts, or any other vital documentation.

This way, our friend from the HR example can specify a recurring schedule to review their Emergency Contact vital records and have everything ready to inspect!

Overall, this feature brings more structure and predictability to vital records reviews so users can save time from having to navigate the SharePoint hierarchy or wade through search results. Instead, the process is automated with a set schedule, and simplified with lists for their reviews!

To learn more about Collabware CLM 4.0, read our product overview post, check out our previous post on the Edit Immutable and Physical Records feature, and stay tuned for more feature-specific posts that are released every Wednesday!

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