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Compliant Information Governance Products available as “SaaS à la Carte” for Archiving, eDiscovery & Records Management

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Vancouver, B.C. Collabware, a leading provider of information governance automation software, today announced the global release of three distinct products under the Collabspace brand. This content management cloud service has segmented into tiers to provide focused and advanced features for secure archiving, accurate search, and compliant records management; named:

Collabspace connects to and streams all content sources together within a data lake archive to bring control and visibility to an organization’s structured and unstructured data assets. With these new product sets, organizations can choose a product plan focused on their specific needs, gain added capabilities focused on those project areas and have the flexibility to scale and add other further functionality when needed.

As we shifted to working remotely last year, customer demand also shifted. We all learned that secure access to business-critical information is key for maintaining business continuity and productivity,” says Graham Sibley, CEO of Collabware. “For any enterprise, Collabspace offers an easy and simplified way to step into the cloud if you haven’t already, pay for what you need and ensure your data is protected.

Adding to Collabware’s suite of automated content management products, Collabspace allows organizations to archive and see all their data as a whole, no matter where it’s stored, search across all repositories into one results view, and apply defensible lifecycle retention periods to files.

Collabspace ARCHIVE

Collabspace ARCHIVE supports cross-system data access, auditing, recovery, and search. Electronic files and email content are transparently and automatically archived into a data lake while keeping content fully available and searchable. In the event of a ransomware attack or data breach of local storage, Collabspace recovery is virtually instant. Productivity can be maintained with little to no downtime, backed by security features, including:

  • WORM (Write Once Read Many) Format to ensure files are not modified or tampered with
  • Multi-jurisdictional coverage to achieve data residency and sovereignty compliance
  • Full audit tracking across all content, including additions, updates, views, and downloads
  • Meet FDA, FINRA, FOIA, FRCP, HIPAA, IIROC, PIPEDA, SEC, and SOX regulatory requirements
  • Secure permission-based access, encryption, immutable activity logs and more.

Collabspace DISCOVERY

Collabspace DISCOVERY automatically indexes all data to enable expansive search capabilities, also revealing dark and hidden data to make it searchable. In cases such as processing Freedom of Information (FOI) or General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requests, users can rely on its unique search engine to find what they’re looking for, including:

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to track text in files such as images and scanned PDFs or TIFFs
  • Automatic transcription and indexing of audio and video files
  • Search all data using keywords with Boolean, fuzzy, wildcard, and proximity operators
  • View search results in a configurable, spreadsheet-like interface and export individually or in bulk
  • Machine learning to automatically identify data entities, keywords, and objects in images
  • Add files to legal holds to streamline reviews while also preventing data destruction.

Collabspace CONTINUUM

Collabspace CONTINUUM automates records activities to meet your legislative and regulatory compliance requirements. Files are also auto-categorized to a file plan so proper retention policies can be applied.

  • Use a web-based, no-code visual workflow system to design data retention and lifecycle policies
  • Apply time and event-based retention, including use of calculations based on metadata values
  • Execute multi-stage, multi-participant disposition review processes to authorize destruction
  • Manage both electronic and physical records, including inventory control and circulation tracking.

Our customer’s feedback is the key driver in how we make significant enhancements to our product capability, says Sing Chan, VP of Product at Collabware. “By integrating their immediate needs with the most current technology, automation, machine learning and AI capabilities, we are able to provide powerful tools that address real-world scenarios. This responsiveness has allowed us to consistently deliver a roster of features that no one else offers.”

Pricing and Availability

Collabspace pricing starts from $600 per compute segment, per month and is billed annually (with volume discounts available). One compute segment equates to 1TB of data (approximately 5 million items @ 200KB each).


About Collabspace
Collabspace is a security-certified and highly-scalable intelligent Information Management cloud service, developed by Collabware, that enables organizations to connect to and archive content from multiple repositories for purposes of managing the content lifecycle and extracting new value and meaning through content analysis. Once under management control of Collabspace, content can be securely searched and accessed via multiple mediums and devices to meet legislative and regulatory compliance requirements.
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About Collabware
Collabware helps enterprises and governments achieve legislative and regulatory information management compliance by providing intelligent archiving, discovery, and records management solutions. By automatically protecting critical content and revealing dark data, Collabware solutions increase organizational transparency so information can be properly retained, managed, and harnessed for business optimization.
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