One Word Emails Are Making ECM Even More Necessary


One word emails making ECM more necessary

Now that everyone has email on their phones, we are conditioned to check them round the clock (countries are even banning it). I believe that the reason we are all checking our phones is because of the scale of ‘thanks’ or ‘yeah’ emails that follow each interaction and crowd our inboxes. I really believe in showing appreciation and general delight for teammates, but if I pull my phone out and see another one word ‘thanks’ email, my soul will implode like a dying star. I suspect that given the memes and internet mockery that I’m not alone in this viewpoint. It’s inefficient and intrusive to get a litany of one word emails when our time could be better spent laughing at cat photos and trying to figure out the latte setting on the coffee machine (one day I will best you).

Could you handle a world where you can put all your chats, emails and files into one spot and include only the necessary people? Stay with me! And in this world, you don’t get email notifications, the conversation happens independently and you can check it at your leisure. No annoying pings or an inbox full of emails to delete because everything is contained in one space. By keeping all conversation threads, emails and documents in one spot, ECM becomes even more powerful (like the Hulk) because searching for something takes seconds and the information contained in the space is useful and up to date. 

Collabware is intelligent ECM that covers all records, including email.
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