4 Ways Enterprise Content Management Is Prep for the Zombie Apocalypse


Enterprise Content Management Zombie Apocalypse

Information is survival for all businesses, no matter how big or small. The battle for resources takes place every day we walk into work, which consequently, is valuable training for a zombie apocalypse. Once the undead take over, competition for information and resources will be even more fierce, so you better have a plan in place. Don’t think that ECM principles go out the window just because you are dealing with zombies instead of your boss. 

Step 1: Capture

The first step to surviving both zombies and ECM is to capture every scrap of information (bet you’re wishing you were nicer to the records management team now!). Once you notice people falling sick in record numbers or eating each other, it’s essential to record every bit of data, regardless of how trivial it seems. Incubation periods, outbreak regions and details such as if zombies can climb or swim, will play a crucial role in determining a long term survival plan. All information could prove valuable.

Step 2: Manage and Catalogue

Since all your information is being painstakingly recorded (don’t skimp, your survival depends on this!) now it’s time to catalogue and organize it so you’ll have a solid knowledge foundation that no one else will have. You had better know where each knife, can of food and map are stored, and be able to communicate that to your group. Since you’ve been on the ball since day one, you’ll be the first to notice patterns and information that will save your life. For example, it took seasons for people in the Walking Dead to finally compare notes and figure out that the virus is dormant in healthy humans so bodies need to be disposed of accordingly. Don’t be like them: manage your information so it’s meaningful and searchable down the line.

Stage 3: Preserve

Society will crumble pretty quickly (see: Contagion, the scariest movie ever) once the zombies take over therefore you have to plan for the long haul. You could single-handedly be responsible for the rebirth of society so your data must to be protected for future generations. A reliable, logical archiving system must be passed on if you get eaten by zombies or if your group takes on new members. Also, with the data you have preserved, you can begin to assign a hierarchy to each piece of information. For example, your favorite hair gel should not be assigned the same level of importance as medicine.

Stage 4: Delivery

It goes without saying that the zombie apocalypse will be unpredictable and last for a long time, hence consistent, relevant information delivery is no joke. The right information must be delivered when it’s needed and a solid workflow design system will accomplish that task.

Resources determine survival. How long could you last?

To find out if your ECM system is zombie ready, contact Collabware.



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