Collabware Releases Version 1.1 of Collabware CLM


Vancouver, BC - March 21, 2011 - Collabware,  today announced the v1.1 release of Collabware CLM for SharePoint®, which includes new automated record declaration and physical records management capabilities.

"With our latest release, Collabware CLM for SharePoint® shows that complete content lifecycle management using a single platform is possible," said Graham Sibley, CEO, Collabware. "By building on SharePoint we have enabled organizations to achieve a single source of truth throughout the content lifecycle - spanning communication, collaboration and records management environments".

Collabware CLM for SharePoint® covers complete content lifecycle management for electronic and physical records. Building on the strengths of the SharePoint platform, integrated product features such as the Collabware File Plan Manager provide record managers with the level of control they demand, without requiring specific behavior from end-users. Additional features, such as Global Content Query, ensure that relevant content is surfaced to users, regardless of storage location, saving time and effort while adhering to the principle 'a single version of the truth'. Collabware CLM for SharePoint® is designed to scale and provide the governance needed for an enterprise-class content management system, while supporting user-adoption through a simplified, consistent experience across the environment.

About Collabware

Collabware provides software that dramatically decreases the cost, risk and time required to implement communication, collaboration and enterprise content management solutions using the Microsoft SharePoint® platform. Based on a philosophy of simplicity, Collabware products focus on delivering a superior user experience across an integrated knowledge management environment. As a people-focused organization, Collabware places employee and customer satisfaction as their highest priorities.

 To learn more about Collabware, contact us. You can also learn more about  Collabware CLM, our Records Management solution that integrates with SharePoint, from the free downloadable brochure:


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