Local Gov't Selects Collabware   RM Solution built on SharePoint®


Vancouver, BC - January 25, 2011 Collabware today announced the City of White Rock has selected its SharePoint® Records Management Accelerator and SharePoint® Portal Accelerator. This marks the third municipality in British Columbia to join Collabware’s customer roster.

"We looked at SharePoint® out-of-the-box as an Electronic Document and Records Management System and knew it would be too expensive to customize it the way we needed to deliver a highly-usable solution for employees," said Chris Zota, IT Manager at the City of White Rock. "With Collabware, it has been built for us – we can deploy rapidly and with all of the advantages of a custom solution – at a fraction of the time and cost."

"Collabware is seeing traction, particularly with government organizations, because we are able to help achieve technology goals on a reduced budget," said Graham Sibley, CEO of Collabware. "We also help organizations leverage their existing SharePoint® investment, which means teams are up and running faster and operational efficiency is visible across the board."

Collabware’s SharePoint® Records Management Accelerator and SharePoint® Portal Accelerator combine to deliver a powerful solution for organizations looking to implement a user-centric, full-featured, enterprise content management solution, without the onerous cost or lengthy timeline associated with a traditional ECM vendor. Building on the strengths of the SharePoint® platform, integrated product features such as the Collabware File Plan Manager will provide Record Managers with the level of control they demand. Additional features, such as the Global Content View, ensure the system can surface relevant content to users, regardless of storage location, saving time and effort while adhering to the principal "a single version of the truth." The solution is designed to scale and provide the governance needed for an enterprise-class content management system, while supporting user-adoption through a consistent experience across the environment.

About Collabware

Collabware provides software that dramatically decreases the cost, risk and time required to implement communication, collaboration and enterprise content management solutions using the Microsoft SharePoint® platform. Based on a philosophy of simplicity, Collabware products focus on delivering a superior user experience across an integrated knowledge management environment. As a people-focused organization, Collabware places employee and customer satisfaction as their highest priorities.

 To learn more about Collabware, contact us. You can also learn more about Collabware CLM, our Records Management solution that integrates with SharePoint, from the free downloadable brochure:


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