Collabware CLM Version 2.0 Delivers Transparent, Automated Records Management for SharePoint


New Version Provides Automated Record Identification and Declaration, Physical Records Management, and Extended Content Surfacing Capabilities

Vancouver, Canada – October 11, 2011 – Collabware,, today announced the general availability of Collabware CLM™ Version 2.0 for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010®. This version represents the next generation of content lifecycle management software, providing rich information policy and records management compliance control while simultaneously offering features that enhance information worker productivity.

Collabware CLM version 2.0 extends the previous version’s core records management capabilities to support transparent record identification and automatic record capture across the SharePoint environment. This approach enables end-users to participate in records management processes without having to understand the underlying rules and policies.

“The goal with this version was to drive high user acceptance and adoption of records management by making it unobtrusive to daily activities,” said Graham Sibley, Founder and CEO of Collabware. “Records management should be as integrated as basic network connectivity. Users shouldn’t need to know it exists, and it certainly shouldn’t get in the way of their productivity. Collabware CLM not only delivers on this vision but sets a new standard for enterprise records management software.”

In addition to the enhanced records management capabilities of the new version, Collabware CLM also includes a wide range of features aimed at enabling organizations to reduce the amount of time employees spend looking for needed information. These features include unified physical and electronic records management, and an improved content surfacing engine that can identify and display content based on the user’s context, ensuring that the most relevant information comes to the user. Supporting all of the productivity features of Collabware CLM is a rich set of components necessary for organizations to quickly construct enterprise communication and collaboration portals using Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010.

About Collabware CLM

Collabware CLM is enterprise content lifecycle and records management software that helps organizations more effectively manage and control information distribution, retention and disposition in order to increase employee productivity and organizational compliance with regulatory standards. Built on top of Microsoft SharePoint, Collabware CLM offers Records Managers the ability to centrally and transparently manage enterprise content policies and their application across the entire SharePoint environment. In addition, Collabware CLM provides contextual content surfacing to ensure that employees have immediate access to a ‘single source of truth’ for the information relevant to their business activities. Together, these features increase organizational productivity by ensuring that employees implicitly participate in the records management compliance process, and that they can quickly access content through surfaced, contextual views, rather than having to manually search for needed information.

About Collabware

Collabware provides software that dramatically decreases the cost, risk and time required to implement communication, collaboration and enterprise content management solutions using the Microsoft SharePoint® platform. Based on a philosophy of simplicity, Collabware products focus on delivering a superior user experience across an integrated knowledge management environment. As a people-focused organization, Collabware places employee and customer satisfaction as their highest priorities.

 To learn more about Collabware,  contact us. You can also learn more about  Collabware CLM, our Records Management solution that integrates with SharePoint, from the free downloadable brochure:


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