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Collabware is a company where you are inspired to think big, make things happen and believe that anything is possible. The support you receive from all levels is empowering. I was originally hired for a product support role; and was given the encouragement and autonomy to make changes and the freedom to test drive my ideas. Some ideas worked… some didn’t. Collabware has provided me with so many opportunities for growth and development that I have always had the freedom to move around and take on new challenges. When I joined Collabware in 2014, I could not have imagined just how awesome that opportunity would become. I started as Product Support Specialist, and since then have been extremely fortunate to work in many different roles: Product Support Director; VP of Product Services; and my current role as VP of Operations.

I am living proof of Collabware’s commitment to growth, development and promoting from within. If you lay out your goals, you can expect transparency from the company, and there is no limit to what you can accomplish. Working with Collabware has allowed me to take charge of my future and influence my own career development. I have been encouraged to develop the skills and access the support I need to take on a number of challenging roles and projects.

One of the things that I love most about Collabware is that I work with a passionate group of talented professionals who strive for excellence and push each other to be their best. It’s an amazing feeling to know that you work with people who are as passionate about being successful as you are and who are genuinely willing to help. It’s also just as rewarding when you have the freedom to reach out to anyone in the company, no matter their role, knowing that they are open to ideas and committed to doing the right thing for both employees and customers.

It is amazing to work for a company that not only wants you to succeed; it gives you the opportunity to grow and make it happen.

This is part of our ongoing #I❤Collabware series.

Stacey is Collabware's VP of Operations and her favorite store is Sephora Stacey is Collabware's VP of Operations and her favorite store is Sephora


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