Collabware CLM Version 2.6 for SharePoint


Upgrade Prerequisites

Please note: You must have Collabware CLM v2.5.1 installed before you can  upgrade to v2.6.

If your organization is running an earlier  version of Collabware CLM, please contact us with regards to upgrading to v2.5.1.

What's New

Collabware CLM v2.6 adds four new major features:

1. Physical Space Management for Containers

We’ve added a New Max Items property on containers that allows you to actively manage the amount of items any given physical container should hold. Once the max item count has been reached, the container will be marked full, and users can no longer create or move items into that container. This adds an extra layer of container management, allowing you to track and manage how full your physical storage is getting without having to look at your storage. The feature is located on Container Types, and can be uniquely set on Containers.

Container Max Items Property Container Max Items Property


The Is Full icon is now displayed for containers in the Physical Library that have been marked full or have reached their max item count. This makes it easier to determine where to place new items, you can tell at a glance which containers have space available.


Container Is Full Container Is Full


There’s also a new Container Inventory report template that can assist records officers in determining what the best location is for a new set of boxes, or for tracking how full your physical holdings are. The Container Inventory report displays not only the amount of items and full status, but also the overall location and type of the containers displayed. The new template has been added to the Physical Templates Installer.


Container Inventory Report Container Inventory Report


2. Alternate Barcode Support for Physical Records

We’ve added the ability to specify a metadata column for Physical Boxes, Folders and Objects to represent an alternate barcode value. This allows you to continue to use your existing custom or vendor barcodes for your physical inventory.

You can also print out your custom barcodes using the Barcode Labels template. The CLM for SharePoint - Physical Templates Guide has been updated to include documentation on how to export custom barcodes in physical templates.

3. iOS Client App Support for Physical Records Destruction

The Physical Records Destruction workflow has been updated to support the CLM Client App for devices running on iOS 7. Additions to the workflow include the verification of physical items pending destruction by way of barcode scanning and the confirmation of newly destroyed items within the CLM Client App.

4. Regular Expressions Support in Content Rule Conditions

We’ve added the ability to create advanced content rule conditions using regular expressions. Regular expressions are a special text string for describing a search pattern. For example, instead of matching against a specific phone number, you can create a content rule condition that matches against phone numbers with a specific area code.

Bug Fixes & Minor Enhancements


  • Added a system constraint to prevent a user from deleting a compliance policy that has records pending disposition. This will prevent any records from getting into a state where they cannot be undeclared or deleted, yet cannot move forward in their retention.
  • Fixed an issue where a record could not be undeclared if the record was once part of an approval list. This is an issue if the record was removed from the approval list by the Records Manager.
  • Fixed a regression in the Content Rule Condition edit dialog that did not properly display the term picker when a managed metadata field was selected.
  • Fixed an issue where accented characters were not displayed or queried correctly in the Global Content Query web part.
  • Fixed an issue in SharePoint 2013 where the Global Content Query web part’s ‘does not contain’ operator was not working correctly.
  • Modified the Declare Record and Undeclare Record dialogs to render loading message when the Declare or Undeclare button is clicked.
  • Disabled the Remove Link button on Related Links in Lifecycle Details dialog if the user is not a Records Manager.
  • Fixed an issue where the link validator in the Supersede dialog would erroneously return a licensing-related error.
  • Added the Open Location button back to the Lifecycle Details Search Fly-out for non-record results.

Physical Records

  • Added a confirmation message and link to the selected Circulation List in the Add Items to Circulation List dialog.
  • Fixed an issue on the Physical Item edit dialog where required fields were sometimes not being enforced.
  • Fixed an issue where the Duplicate button was not disabled when selecting a physical item where its parent entity was marked as full or had reached its max item count.

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