​Collabware Announces Partnership with Scinaptic


Move automates the process of turning critical email content into records that meet compliance requirements

Las Vegas, NVMarch 3, 2014 – Collabware, makers of Collabware CLM records management software for SharePoint, announced a strategic partnership with Microsoft Gold Partner Scinaptic Communications to overcome a key challenge for many businesses – ensuring that all critical email content automatically becomes a record.

Scinaptic’s OnePlaceEnterprise is a complete suite of integrated products to deliver engaging, intuitive and productive SharePoint solutions. End users can capture, classify and access Microsoft® SharePoint content directly from their inboxes and other Microsoft Office applications – delivering best practice Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions while minimising change for end users.

Mr. James Fox, CEO of Scinaptic said, “Scinaptic’s partnership with Collabware builds on our commitment to deliver more engaging and intuitive ECM solutions on the SharePoint platform. With many business transactions today taking place over email, we know organizations are struggling to find a way to keep accurate records of this exchange. Working with Collabware we can now offer our customers a fully integrated ECM and records management solution – from Outlook or any other business applications they use.”

Collabware CEO, Graham Sibley, said, “With legislation in the area of electronic communication changing dramatically, many businesses risk making record keeping breaches that could carry penalties. Collabware and Scinaptic’s solutions work together to ensure that once email content lands in SharePoint, it is automatically categorized, populated with metadata and declared a record – according to the rules established by the records manager.  The solution also sets up system-enabled retention and disposal. This high degree of automation removes the need for additional records management training for end users and accidental errors are eliminated, reducing the organization’s risk of non-compliance.”

The partnership between Scinaptic and Collabware is a natural fit with both organizations completely focused on making the SharePoint end-user’s experience simple, seamless and transparent.

“When technology works intuitively, to support the end user with his or her tasks, organizations achieve significantly higher adoption rates, productivity gains and ultimately a richer return on their investment– this is exactly why Scinaptic works with ISV partners such as Collabware to ‘bring solutions alive’ on the SharePoint platform,” added Fox.

About Collabware

Collabware is proud to be the only vendor to offer records managers a comprehensive content lifecycle management product for Microsoft® SharePoint. From content creation to record destruction, our end-to-end solution offers a superior user experience, advanced physical and electronic records management features, and complete compliance control. Records manager controlled, yet end-user transparent, Collabware CLM helps organizations reduce costs, optimize business processes and adhere to statutory and industry compliance.

About Scinaptic

Scinaptic Communications Pty Ltd (Scinaptic) offers a range of information worker solutions to drive the user adoption of Microsoft SharePoint. Over the last 10 years, Scinaptic has worked with leading organisations across the world to help capture, manage and access corporate information assets effectively for the creation of highly productive workplaces.

The company’s flagship solution, Scinaptic OnePlaceMail™ has been licenced to organisations in 35 countries, and is connecting thousands of Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office and Windows File Explorer users with Microsoft SharePoint.

More Information

Sarah Gayda, Director of Marketing, Collabware, 604-800-2616


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