Collabspace is my Favorite

Glenn James, Feb 2, 2016

All of us at Collabware use the products we produce in our daily work.  Our documents and records are managed in SharePoint with Collabware CLM.  And recently, with the Collabspace add-in for Outlook, I can manage all my sales, marketing and support documents and emails from Outlook itself.  I spend 80% of my time in Outlook anyway and by having my SharePoint libraries available to me directly in Outlook, I save a lot of time.

With this latest Collabspace release, I was very pleased to see the introduction of a 'Favorites' feature.   I can now identify specific SharePoint sites,  libraries or customer files to my Favorites list, personalize the Favorites labels and really simplify the selection and expansion of my most often uses SharePoint sites.

Click the star to add to favorites Click the star to add to favorites

Personalize your favorite links Personalize your favorite links

Dragging and dropping emails and/or attachments into SharePoint has never been easier.

We still have the list of most recently visited sites, and I make good use of the expansion window to navigate, view and checkout my documents.

The Collabspace architecture allows us to introduce improvements and features frequently over time.  Collabspace was only released in mid January and I'm already getting my first update.

I, along with any of our rapidly growing Collabspace community, can provide feedback to the development team and it's great to see that feedback come back as a new product feature so quickly.

I look forward to the next Collabspace update.